Enterprise-grade Interaction Center

Fully secured, customizable, enterprise ready unified-messaging center

CExpert™ is a fully customizable web-based Interaction Center for enterprise sales & support centers that expands beyond voice. CExpert™ is powered by Microsoft® Lync & Skype and is specifically designed for both Enterprise Internet and/or Intranet uses.

Manage all your Live Chat, Video and Voice-over-IP channels the same way you handle voice call interactions; all channels are available through a control center desktop interface.

With CExpert™, organizations can safely & efficiency connect business technology to business users, improve SLA & customer experience and address information security and regulation issues required by large enterprises.


Banks, Insurance and Enterprise companies for supporting clients, employees and agents are successfully using CExpert™. Various applications offers today Sales & Service centers, Information kiosks, One-Click bank account creation, Insurance agent desktop sharing, IT Helpdesk and so on.


CExpert™ was created and designed to serve in an Enterprise environment, and as such it contains references for information security and work processes, conforming the needs of a large, distributed organizations.


CExpert™ is based on Microsoft® Lync & Skype utilizing the most advanced digital synchronous technologies & infrastructure available today that extends unified communications securely over the Internet to customers, suppliers, employees and partners.

Product Functionality

Any OS & Device

Makes communicating easier with a consistent and familiar experience available on Windows PCs, Windows Phone, iOS, Mac, and Android smartphones.

Best Breed IM

Offer Microsoft Lync and Skype capabilities to your enterprise.

Standard Based HD Videos

Open standards including H.264 SVC to provide a high-quality video experience on a wide range of devices.

No need for installations

Immediate contact from the company website without the need of installing any software.

Surfers’ logins

Fully customizable allows entering I.D., username, passwords and or phone numbers etc.


Chat sessions are recorded and logged. Transcripts can be sent automatically by mail.

Resource Management

Customizable integration for the organization’s CRM interfaces.

Multiple IM Sessions

Agent can answer multiple pre-defined number of simultaneously chat sessions.


Call escalations for supervisors and representatives.

Common Answer Scripts

Pre-defined scripts for answering common questions.

Connects Users with Data

Remotely present website user with a relevant data to assist in the process of support and/or sales session.

Agent Dashboard

Real-time dashboard presenting inquiry title and details, complementing CRM information and multiple IM sessions.

Admin Dashboard

Add and modify representatives, manage control center, presenting real-time information such as session’s time, number of daily transactions, un-answered inquiries, specific and average wait time, etc.

Reports Dashboard

Detailed reports related to control center traffic, efficiency and operational alerts.